Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wild Week....

So far this has been a pretty crazy week (and it's only Wednesday!). We began the week a hit hungover in St. Louis after attending a fabulous wedding at the City Museum Saturday night.

Sunday we were supposed to fly from St. Louis to Chicago then on to Baltimore. Well, driving to the STL airport we get a phone call from American Airlines saying our Chicago to Baltimore flight is canceled and they've rebooked us for Wednesday. Wednesday!?!? We flew to Chicago, where my parents live, and decided to wait it out there. We thought about driving home, but were unsure of the road conditions (since the Mid-Atlantic had just barely been dug out from a weekend blizzard). But would our cats--waiting for us at home--have enough food to last until Wednesday?

Soon we got word that Chicago was bracing for blizzard-like conditions as was the Mid-Atlantic. While devouring some yummy Chicago Pizza at Gino's East with my parents we decided that Monday would be our only snow-free window of opportunity, so we would rent a 4WD and drive from Chicago to Baltimore. So, we did. The 11 hour drive was pretty nice, actually (despite unfortunately being more of a drive and less of a roadtrip).

As we were driving through Ohio, we got a call saying that the Wednesday flight they'd rebooked us on had been canceled and now we would be on a Thursday flight....we were so glad we'd decided to drive at that point. American Airlines was actually pretty nice about they whole thing when we told them we just wanted to cancel that leg of our trip--they even gave us a refund (which basically covered the cost of our rental car).

We drove all day and eventually got to BWI airport Monday night where our car was waiting for us. When we got home our cats were out of food--another reason we were glad we drove. The roads in our area where pretty bad, but passable, allowing us to go to the store and run a few errands yesterday before "round 2" of "Snowpocalypse" hit our area. (Unfortunately, every store is sold out of all the sleds and shovels!)

Then, this morning when I got up, I was again reminded of how glad I am that we decided to drive home rather than wait for our flight--there's another blizzard here; all the plowed roads and sidewalks are covered in snow. I can barely see out some of our windows because the screens are covered in snow. The winds are so strong that outside just looks white. It's been a wild week of travel and snow storms and I'm ridiculously glad to be home and to be warm (and that both the guy and I have had snow days from work all week). Now, when's the snowball fight?!?