Sunday, March 21, 2010

Give me Liberty...

A week ago I was waking up early (on a SUNDAY! *gasp*) to head to Target to see what goodies Liberty of London had in store for me. I was really excited about this lovely Target + Liberty collaboration. I was fully prepared to fight some of the ladies of Annapolis for a floral teapot or bed set (an aspect of my personality that rarely comes out). Luckily, the store was empty (and so where some of the shelves reserved for the Liberty stock).

This is where I met Liz. She and I were both there to stock up on LOL lovely-ness and met while waiting for one amazing Target employee as she searched the stock room for Liberty accessories for us. Liz and I have a ridiculous amount of stuff in common; so, add making a friend in Target to the list of things I never thought would happen. She takes beautiful photos which you can see on her site (and even setup your own photo shoot if you're in the area) or her blog.

You can see more Liberty of London for Target at Target's site, though most is sold out; I did see some here as well.