Monday, April 26, 2010

The Contender (Part II)

Not sure that I'd mentioned it before, but this semester I am in a class that I have been putting off for a long time. Drawing II. Yup. I know I shouldn't be afraid of it or lack any confidence in my drawing ability but I am and I do. Or at least I did. I believe that drawing is an artistic skill that can be taught and I have an amazing artist for an instructor. So, despite the tons of work and long nights and more "looking" at still life objects than actual pencil to paper drawing time, I'm doing really well in this class.

My work was one of three that the instructor set aside to be in the Invitational Student Art Show at my school (which I've already been in three times in previous semesters)...the only problem is that she can only choose two works for the show. And, since my piece was a classwork rather than a homework, she choose the other two (which were homework pieces).

Now, you may recall this very same thing happened to me in Drawing I two years ago and at that time it was only my second art class ever so despite my disappointment I was still really honored. This time is different though. I was really disappointed (in part because of a conversation that took place that revealed the teacher actually wanted to use my drawing but had already told someone else they could be in the show but that person hadn't finished their drawing).

I'm getting over my disappointment though. I'm still proud of my work and the fact that I am truly succeeding in a class I hadn't had the guts to take for the last year! There will be plenty more artistic opportunities and art shows. I have surrendered my disappointment to the Universe and am actually pretty much over it.

Plus, a digital work from my Graphic Design class was chosen to be in the Student Art Show (so, make that 4 times!), so I can't really be too disappointed now, can I? (More info on that later...)

(P.S. ignore the yuck factor of the picture of my drawing. I took it in the dimly lit art studio with my phone. I'll take a better photo soon for my portfolio, I swear!)