Friday, May 28, 2010

5 Things Friday: Etsy Weddings

My little sister is getting married in less than a year! Well, 359 days to be exact, so of course I spend more time than I probably should browsing Etsy for cute wedding stuff. I am the Maid of Honor (or Matron, I guess, since I'm married, but Matron sounds so old!) For today's 5 Things Friday I will share some cute pink wedding items I've found on Etsy.

 These super cute cards can be used as alternatives to traditional guest books! This shop, Eden Creative Studio, also features some cute cards for Bridal Showers (which I am seriously considering....shhh, don't tell my sister!)

I love this Engine Rosette tie by ToyBreaker! It's perfect too because my sister's hubby-to-be is a mechanical engineer. (She actually already bought him this tie in their wedding theme colors!) ToyBreaker has tons of styles and colors to pick from! Awesome!

Handmade pink paper cranes in a bottle by AquaCitrine! Genius and so cute! What a great idea.

Lovely, custom Bride and Groom cupcake picks by Goose Greese.

This whimsical print from Freya Art is one of my favorites. It's available in pink and other colors as well. The artist has some really darling and inspiring cards and prints in her Etsy shop.  (Like this one I bought the guys for Valentine's Day!)

So, there are some of my favorite Wedding items on Etsy (and there are lots more). I'm off this weekend having fantastic adventures...details to follow! Create a magical weekend!