Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Art in the Trash

Sometimes we artists create objects that eventually will leave our hands and our lives. Sometimes these things are difficult to part with, especially after pouring hours of your life and love into them. I have had two such projects in the trunk of my car (as they were big and bulky and didn't really need to be in my house, but I wasn't quite ready to part with them) for a very long time (read: about a year!) Recently I was motivated to clean out the trunk and came to terms with parting with these art pieces. The first was a set of 6 giant "waves" that were from an installation work--they floated and waved back and fourth. The other was a miniature room. Here are some pictures I took of the pieces when I dropped them at a dumpster/recycling bin. (So, even though the works are out of my life, I still have photos!) I actually feel really good about having released these works out into the world--and I didn't actually put them inside the bins with the hope that someone found them and took them for their own projects.