Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tissue Paper Decorations and Inspiration:

When I went back to school for an Art Degree a couple years ago, I stopped getting my subsription to Martha Stewart. (That magazine was my nerdy, crafty little secret--like a lot of people, I love and dislike this magazine at the same time). At the time, when it would come in the mail, I would just get sad at all the beautiful projects I would want to do but couldn't because most of my time was devoted to school work and art projects. (Plus, I was/am getting 3 different travel magazines and I had no time to read all the magazines coming to my house!).

With the end of this semester and graduation in my sights, I recently resubscribed to Martha Stewart Living and got my first issue the other day. I am re-inspired! Now, I can't wait to make these cute and simple tissue paper decorations! What have you been inspired to create lately? (image source here).