Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Right Now...

-I have several (maybe 5) works in progress strewn about the house (like half spray-painted things sitting on the living room floor waiting to be taken back outside and painted some more).

-I am working on a cute little wooden tray for the kitchen. It's painted blue with cute matryoshka dolls on it. (Pictures to follow when I'm all done).

-I still need to unpack from and blog about our recent long weekend in New York City.

-I have several things to pack up and mail out to people all over the country; I need to get on that.

-I signed up for a summer Yoga (and Philosophy) class taught by my favorite Yoga Instructor.

-I have TONS of pictures from my graduation and NYC to sort through and share.

-At said graduation, I was given special recognition for graduating with a  4.0 GPA (with maybe 19 other students). Yes, I can say, "nerd."

-I want to be reading one of the few books on my summer reading list. And I'd like to be reading it on a blanket in the sun.

-I am on a hunt for cute sundresses to wear in St. Maarten later this summer.

-Yep, still working on my Wreck this Journal. I plan to "finish" it this summer.

-I am blogging-by-list instead of working on any of the above. I hope your "to do" or "to put off a little longer" list is going well!