Monday, June 14, 2010

Travel Patch Pillow: Tutorial

For years I would buy patches from my travels though I was never sure what I would do with them. I thought I'd put them on a tote or duffel bag but that seemed kind of cliche. So, recently, I came up with a cute way to display them without seeming too "touristy" or something. I found an inexpensive throw pillow case and sewed the patches onto it (though now I realize we are missing quite a few patches from places we've been but that's another post).

First, I arranged the patches onto the case the way I wanted them.Then, using just a drop of fabric glue, I glued them down so they would stay in place while I sewed them on. Then, using my sewing machine, I carefully sewed the patches on and ta-da! So cute and room for more patches as we acquire them. (And, it looks really cute with my embroidered map pillows from Ikea!)