Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now I Get It...

So, if you saw yesterday's post you will now understand why I had been so under the weather. I'm actually well into the second trimester now so I'm feeling much better. I have had lots of energy for making cute baby things (which I hope to post soon) and for buying cute handmade baby things from Etsy (which may have to be included in a "Five Things Friday" if I can ever get back on track with the blogging).

So, yup. I'm gonna be somebody's Mama; The Guy and I are really excited (and nervous, I'll admit). I know our little baby will be here before we know it so I'm trying to get as much crafting and cleaning and organizing done now before she/he arrives. And, now, you know what's really been going on with us aside from moving to a new place in a new region...we're getting brand new lives. Fun.

Until next time, (which I hope to be sooner rather than later)
xoxo, Bekki