Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Baby Gear on Etsy; (Part 1)

Since being pregnant I've been slowly buying cute, handmade baby items from Etsy. Here are only a few of my latest purchases:

First, I bought 2 of these sweet wooden teethers (which some people seemed really surprised about; which surprised me, "What about splinters?" "The baby will chew on wood?" they asked. But, I'd rather have my baby teething on wood than who-knows-what's-in-it-plastic). I actually got 2 "state teethers" (one to represent the 2 different states where the guy and I grew up). These are from the popular Little Sapling Toys (they have 2 blocks sets I can't wait to purchase as well!)
I also got this adorable reversible quilted bib from Brooklyn Bib Shop: It held up nicely in the wash and seems really well made and so soft! I can't wait for the baby to use it! (And, yes, I know, the baby will only be spitting up on it and getting it all dirty, but so what? A baby can still look good while making messes!)

I love the prints by Freya at Freya Art; I had to get this cute little one to hang in the baby's room:

So, that's a small round-up of some handmade goodness I've picked up for the baby. I'll share more great finds soon!

Until next time,
Take it light,