Thursday, December 09, 2010

Felt Winter Holiday Wreath How To: (A Tutorial)

 This year I finally made a wreath to hang on our front door! I am not a huge fan of the red and green combo so originally when I was thinking about making one I thought I'd go with a light green and pink--until I saw these pretty blues and had to go with them instead. Somewhat inspired by the lovely wreath here from Smile and Wave I made my own version.

First, I bought a medium sized foam wreath at the local craft supply store. I also bought 2 sheets of felt in all 3 colors I used (2 shades of teal blue and white) along with some sparkly blue snowflake ribbon. I also bought 2 cute glittery bird Christmas tree picks (I removed the stick/pick part to glue them to the wreath).

Next, I cut the felt in a scalloped shape, designed my pattern and glued each strip of felt to the wreath. Some parts of the felt--though somewhat stretchy--didn't quite meet at the back, but that's OK. (It is the back, after all).

Once the glue was dry, I added my little silver birds (I glued a little pink bow on the "lady bird"). I removed the sticks/picks from the birds and used my trusty hot glue gun to glue them in place. I happened to have the little nest (though I'm sure you can pick one up at a craft store). And, the little blue egg is just a bead I had on hand. I used hot glue to adhere the nest and egg as well.

When I first tried to hang the wreath on our door (using an inexpensive over-the-door wreath hook) the hanger wouldn't hold it. So, I had to use a small piece of wire--stapled in place on the back to create a way for the wreath to hang. (Sorry, no pictures of the back of the wreath).

Then, TA-DA! Done! A cheery and cute winter holiday wreath that I can have up all winter! Yay!

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