Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shopping and Sales! Yay!

I must belong to every "invite only" or "members only" boutique shopping site around. I'm not even sure why sometimes (I guess people send me invites so they can earn free shipping of monetary credits, so I sign up to help them). Well, recently I've actually scored a couple of things through such sites that I'm pretty excited about. First, from HauteLook I got a "Modern Classics" rocker that is so cute! (It's an Eames rocker by Herman Miller reproduction). And, I won't even tell you what I paid but it was a deal (*cough*less than $100*cough*). So, here's your invite to that site, HauteLook.

Then, just yesterday, at Gilt Groupe, I found nice travel "changing pod and pacifier tote" by JJ Cole. This will work great for setting up a portable changing station on the main floor of our house (or wold be great in a diaper bag). And, it was less expensive that they one I was thinking of getting from Target. So, here is your invite to Gilt Groupe.

What I like about both of these shopping sites is that they both include stuff for men, women, kids and home (and even travel!) If you're not already a member, it's free to sign up. Click here for HauteLook and here for Gilt Groupe. (And, I should note that these sites are not sponsoring this blog, nor do I work for them--just passing on some good deals).