Friday, February 18, 2011

A Black and White Baby Blanket...

I have had my eye on a set of lovely, modern children's fabric for some time--of course it's a bit pricey so I"ve been putting off purchasing it. Well, the other day I was at the local fabric store and I saw a few black-and-white patterned fabrics that caught my eye. Then, I remembered the Guy mentioning to me that he read in his Expectant Father book about babies being stimulated by high contrast things like the combination of black and white. (Which I'd heard before but never thought too much about--though I did make the baby's mobile contrasting black, white, and teal, but that's a different post). So, I picked out 3 black and white fabrics I liked along with some soft blue fleece (for texture) and lime green quilt binding....I would make a "high contrast' quilt (to use at least until I break down and buy the fabric I really want!)

I brought all my fabrics to the store's cutting area where lots of employees and customers were standing around. Two other women were making baby blankets and buying "precious" pastel fabrics with teddy bears and ABC blocks on them. Then, it was my turn and the employee asked me what I planned to make with these bold fabrics; "I'm making a baby quilt," I said. And, it was like the record stopped. You would have thought I said something way more outrageous. Everyone standing there turned and looked almost in unison--first at my choice of black and white "non-babyish" patterned fabrics, then at me. *Gasp!* How could I make a baby blanket that's black and white?!? Ha!

It was then I blamed it on the Guy. Well, kind of anyway. I tried to explain, "Well, my husband read in a book that babies see high contrast objects better....blah, blah, blah..." No one was listening. They were all too busy nodding, like, "Uh-huh. Whatever, weirdo." Not that I really care, because my quilt is simple and turned out awesome! And my baby is going to love it! See for yourself; a black and white baby blanket isn't too bad at all:

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