Monday, February 28, 2011

Strangers Say the Darndest Things...And My DIY Nursing Cover:

Being pregnant is really a lot of ways. Here we are having this intense personal and intimate time in our lives getting ready to for our family to grow and our lives to change forever, and everyone in the world can tell what we're going through because of my growing gut. We are having this personal experience that should be fairly private yet for some reason it's really super public. And the public has no problem chiming in about it! (And, I do realize that here I am publicly blogging about it...)
It's seems so crazy to me that complete strangers think it's OK to make comments like, "Oh my, you look ready to pop!" (Yes, a stranger said that to me while I was shopping. Then she proceeded to say...) or, "When are you due?" and " What a big baby!" Seriously? Where did you go to medical school lady?! My doctors and midwife say I'm fine. No woman wants to hear comments on her weight or size, pregnant or not, especially from someone she doesn't even know!  I really wanted to criticize her physical appearance right back at her, but then, that's rude, right? (And I'm not even one of those "crazy" hormonal pregnant ladies!) And, don't even get me started about strangers asking what you plan to do with your private body parts, ("Are you planning to nurse?").

Or, how about the older woman who was our cashier at the grocery store on Saturday? She was asking all kinds of questions about my pregnancy. Then, started asking about names and both her and the bagger were offering up all kinds of suggestions--"How about Peter? My brother's name is Joseph. A nice German name would be great!" The bagger butted in and said, "I wanted to name my son Renn. Did you ever see that episode of Seinfeld...How about Seven?" Really, thanks guys; we'll be taking our name tips from people we know.

Then, there's the belly touching. I've only had one person I didn't know touch my far (thank God!) and it was someone I had just met--so basically a stranger (or new friend?). What's up with that? Would you randomly touch someone’s stomach if they weren't  pregnant? Just because my belly might be poking out into space doesn't mean you need to touch it--trust me, I'm doing my best to keep it in place, but it's out of my control! Plus, sometimes it's itchy or uncomfortable--or twitching and rolling with this baby who loves to do gymnastics in there. Ha!

Anyway...back to my point, in order to give myself and the baby some "privacy" and to perhaps fend off unwanted comments from strangers, I made myself a lovely nursing cover using this tutorial from the wonderful Prudent Baby to use when the baby gets here. (We'll see how comfortable I am with it when the time comes, but you've got to do what you've got to do). Below are some photos of the cover I made.

Then, recently I was lying in bed not wanting to get up and thinking about how I should make a second cover in case the first gets dirty. So, I get up, make breakfast, and am sitting at the kitchen table when the doorbell rings. It's the mailman--at 10:30 am! He's never here that early! He has a baby shower gift for us from my cousin and his lovely wife. And, what should be inside? A handmade nursing cover! So, I didn't need to make a second one after all! Great timing!

Well, the baby should be here soon, so here's to hoping I don't have any more awkward encounters with strangers!

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