Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Baby Leg Warmers (Tutorial):

Since I can't stop making baby things, I made a few pairs of baby leg warmers recently! Not only do I think they look cute, but they seem like they would make diapering easier and protect the baby's knees when he begins to crawl since a lot of our home is tiled. I followed two different tutorials (this one and this one) to make them, so one pair is a different style than the other 2 pairs. Basically, I bought some (really inexpensive) women's knee high socks, cut the feet parts off and sewed a cuff to what was left. Easy. And cute! Of course, this post would be even better if I had a cute little baby to model these, but that time will come soon enough! Click "Read More" below to see the finished products.

These should be great with a onesie. The most difficult part was finding adult knee high socks in the women's department that would be good for a baby boy! Can't wait to try out my handy work! :)


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