Sunday, March 06, 2011


Sometimes I feel like a complainer. I try not to be, really (and honestly don't do it too much). But some days I feel like the phrases, "AH! This acid reflux is awful!" or "I'm so tired I just want to sleep until our due date," or "My body is breaking down!" are all I say! I do realize, however, that I am actually really lucky. We are really lucky. Maybe the word lucky isn't even correct; fortunate is a better word. I am very grateful for being so fortunate and here's why (in no order):

Even though we had to move to Mississippi, it worked out because in Maryland we had a one bedroom apartment and would have had to move ourselves somewhere bigger for the baby. However, since The Guy's work required us to move, they did all the packing and heavy lifting and transporting for us. So, despite being pregnant, moving wasn't too bad; I hardly had to lift a finger.

I occasionally feel like, "Ah. I live in Mississippi, there's nothing here" could be worse. And, we could have moved into a bigger place here  in a different neighborhood but we really picked this place for it's location. We are in a small historic downtown with lots of restaurants, bars, shops, parks, farmer's market, playgrounds, beach, walking/jogging paths, art galleries, museums, festivals, parades, etc. all in walking distance. It's great.

From the middle of the first trimester to the middle of the second I suffered morning sickness/nausea that lasted all day. The few times I did actually get sick where actually kind of funny in retrospect. (But I'll spare you the details). I am thankful though that I haven't been that sick the entire pregnancy. In a lot of ways I'm really enjoying being pregnant.

I have a fantastic husband who is involved and excited to have a baby--and isn't embarrassed to say he's excited or that he can't wait to bring the baby around with him in the carrier.

We have a generous and supportive family that are just as excited about our new family member as we are.

We have wonderful friends who are excited for us and who remind us what "awesome' parents we will be. I'm not sure how they know this or why they think this, but I'll take their word for it.

I may complain about my wedding rings being stuck on my finger (thanks to recent heat/humidity here and pregnancy swelling), but this swelling is recent and it isn't painful and my finger isn't turning blue. If I have to get my ring cut off that's OK, it's just a thing. If this is the worst thing to happen during my pregnancy then I am very fortunate.

In the same vein, despite a potential issue in the middle of my pregnancy, (that has cleared up on it's own), we have a healthy little buddy growing here, he's measuring well. moving a lot, even responding to outside stimulus, etc. So far our first try at growing a human seems to be going really well. I definitely recognize how blessed we are.

Thanks to The Guy's career choice we have fantastic medical coverage. I know we are so lucky to have that. While we were still living in Maryland we were going to our pre-natal appointments at Johns Hopkins and had our second ultrasound on a really fancy machine (that there are only 9 of in the state of Maryland). Even though now we aren't being seen at such a prestigious hospital, I do like where we are at.

I have made it this far with only the slightest touch of stretch-marks (maybe I shouldn't jinx it). They are small and not too noticeable!

At 2 weeks before our due date I was out at a trendy bar (not drinking, obviously) having fun with a group of people who couldn't believe I was out since I'm "sooo" pregnant. Sure, I was the only pregnant lady in the place, but that's OK. Had my water broke on the dance floor at least I would have had a funny story to tell (and I wasn't dancing the much anyway).

Even though I had to leave a job I enjoyed (that paid pretty well) and now can't find a job here (and to do what I did in Maryland here I'd make about $5-$10 less per hour!!!), I can see the silver lining--I have time to walk to the beach, clean/organize before the baby arrives, and make all kinds of great things for my son. I never feel bored and try not yo feel sorry for myself for what seems like an endless job search. (I've spoken to lots of people who have just moved here and none of them can find a job either!) I try to keep myself busy and in the end I think our quality of life is pretty darn good. Plus, I do have PinkBird Creations/Etsy to help me along.

Some days I feel really huge--like, I haven't seen my feet in weeks huge--like I had to buy slip on sneakers for the winter because I couldn't tie my shoes or zipper my boots huge--like thank God for elastic in everything huge. But throughout my entire pregnancy I haven't had a single child point to me and say, "Mommy, look at that fat lady eatting that giant bowl of [insert ridiculous dessert here]!" (Or something like that). So, that's something to be thankful for, right?!?

And, despite craving sweets and feeling guilty about it a lot of times, I "passed" my Gestational Diabetes test. That was good.

I have not had many crazy or regetable pregnancy food cravings. One day, I considered dipping the tortilla chips I was eating into a jar of peanut butter--but I didn't follow through. I did crave cold sandwiches for awhile there though. We ate a lot of Jimmy Johns and Subway then.

Pregnant women aren't supposed to change litter boxes. We have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes. It's been such a pleasant 9 months not having to deal with that. The Guy is awesome!

I also am grateful for so many of you friends and family that are reading this blog (thanks, technology) and that have the time and energy to write this (at least for now). So, in these last few days when I expect I will get more eager and more uncomfortable and may feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever, I have this list--and so much more--to remind me that it's actually all really good and we are so lucky.

I know I am forgetting a million reasons that I am blessed and a million more things I have to be grateful for; this is just the beginning and just a small reminder to myself. No matter how bad it seems or how hot, swollen or uncomfortable I may feel some days, it's actually all really, really good...and I'm hot, swollen, and uncomfortable for a wonderful reason!