Wednesday, May 16, 2012

hello again.

I am still here. Still creating. Still exploring. Still being. I am also being a mama! In March 2011 I had the most beautiful baby boy. He is now about 14 months old and caring for him has taken over some of my priorities (and now I have a dedicated blog about him, which makes blogging here difficult, obviously). Also, now that he is walking, talking, climbing, getting into everything, and generally growing up (Boo! What happened to my baby!?) It's even more difficult to find time in front of the computer.

I am still making lots of lovely things--mainly for the baby now--and have heaps of photos and tutorials I want to post; and I will. Someday. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I didn't mean to just leave ya hanging like this for all these months but those of you that are mothers know the ways in which life sneaks away from you as you are caring for and cuddling your baby. So much of my life has changed and is about to change. I also realize that the focus of this space may change as my life is changing. After all, this is a lifestyle blog of sorts and right now, my small family is my life. So, there may be fewer posts on travel (or more posts on travel with babies) and more tutorials for creating kid friendly things, but I hope you can still find something charming or inspiring to hold on to.

Take it light and happy crafting,